6 Benefits of Bamboo Sunglasses

Do not buy another pair of sunglasses until you have read this. Here is why your next pair of sunglasses should be made from bamboo..


1. Comfortable & Lightweight

Bamboo is naturally a very soft feeling wood, well technically a grass. Its incredibly lightweight too so you wont feel any increase in weight. The smooth finish of bamboo glasses provides a much more comfortable feel than any plastic or steel. 

Bamboo is hypoallergenic and anti-microbial that resists both mold and mildew, so bamboo shades may very well be your cleanest and most healthy sunglasses you own.


2. Each one is unique

Each set of bamboo shades has its own distinct wood grain pattern so that no two pair are the same, each one is unique and beautiful in its own natural way. 

For an added bonus go for a handmade pair of bamboo sunglasses for that little bit of extra attention to detail and uniqueness.


3. They're More Durable

People in many different Asian cultures have been using bamboo for centuries as a building material because of its incredible strength. Bamboo products in general can be stronger than aluminum and more durable than oak.

Bamboo fibers go one way so it's naturally flexible without losing any of its strength. This makes it a great alternative to metal or plastic sunglasses that can go brittle after being bent. The added flexibility of bamboo means that these sunglasses can fit a larger range of sizes than the plastic or steal alternatives.


4.  Sustainable and Eco friendly

(Image above: Rustic Brown Bamboo Sunglasses)

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, up to a whopping 120cm a day! All it requires to grow is sunlight and a little bit of water, no fertilizer or pesticides for this resilient pest-resistant wonder plant.

As if that wasn't enough, bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide from the air than timber, so with any bamboo product you have helped create a cleaner environment for us all.


5.  It's Biodegradable

Bamboo is 100% natural and biodegradable. Once you have no further use for your bamboo shades you can dispose of them knowing that it will be absorbed and reused by nature. 

However if you dispose of plastic it can remain clogging up landfills for several lifetimes. Bamboo is a far better choice for any product, not just sunglasses.


6. They float in water

(Image above: Rustic Grey Bamboo Sunglasses)

Worried about losing your new shades at the beach? Don't be, bamboo is lighter than plastic and steel which most, so they naturally float in water. If you lose them while surfing or swimming they will be easy to find floating around you. They are the perfect companion for anyone who likes to be out in the water, no need to go diving for lost sunglasses ever again!



Bamboo sunglasses are by far superior to sunglasses made from any other material. They are strong and durable, while still being lightweight and flexible. They are healthy for the wearer and you know you have made a contribution to the environment, providing cleaner air and less waste. Not to mention, they are one of the only sunglasses that actually float!

Make sure your next pair of sunglasses are made from bamboo and enjoy all the benefits that only a pair of bamboo sunglasses can bring you.


Where to get yours

If you are still attached to the regular sunglasses look then check out these regular bamboo sunglasses, or if you want the full bamboo experience go for the full bamboo sunglasses, click on the style below.

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